Prof. Dr. Chira Hongladarom
Secretary General Foundation for International Human Resource Development

- Depsirin High School
- B.A. (Economics), Victoria University, New Zealand, 1968
- M.A. (Public Policy), University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A., 1969
- M.A. (Economics), University of Wisconsin, Madison, U.S.A., 1970
- Ph.D. (Economics), University of Wisconsin, Seattle, U.S.A., 1978

- Columbo Plan and Rockefeller Foundation

- Micro Economics Population and Labour, Capital Theory and Project Evaluation)
- Economic Development
- Applied Econometrics
- Labour Economics
- Human Resources Development Economics
- Population Economics
- Human Resources Management
- Vision and Strategies

- Lead Shepherd of APEC Human Resources Development Working Group
- Secretary-General, Foundation for International Human Resource Development
- Member, Executive Board, Suan Luand Rama IX Public Park Foundation
- Advisor to ASEAN Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Human Resources)
- Chairman, Aspectum Thailand
- Chairman of Schiller-Stamford International University Council
- Advisor to Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction PCL.
- Board of Director, STP&I Public Co., Ltd.

- Founder and Executive Director, Human Resources Institute, Thamasat University
- Vice Rector for Research and Academic Services, Thamsat University
- President, STP&I (Public) Co., Ltd.
- Advisor to Deputy Prime Minister Amnuay Viravan
- Vice Chairman of joint senate-parliament on social security legislation
- Chairman, The Advisory Council for Labour Developerment, Ministry of Interior
- Member, Board of The Tourism Authority of Thailand
- Member, sub-committee for Human Resource Planning in the 8th National Economic and Social Development Plan
- Advisor in Economic Affairs, Social Securities Committee
- Advisor to Deputy Minister of Finance
- Advisor to Deputy Minister of Education
- Advisor to Prime Minister General Chatichai Chunhavan on labor affairs
- Chairman, Sub-committee, Benefit Management and Social Welfare Promotion, Office of Social Securities
- Advisor to Prime Minister Prem Tinnasulanond
- Member, Advisor Committee to the Minister of Interior
- Member, Committee for the Long Range Planning of Higher Education in Thailand
- Member, Nation Wage Committee (6year)
- Member, Sub-committee for Human Resources and Social Planning in the 8th National Development Plan
- Advisor to International Labour Organization
- Advisor to The World Bank
- Member, Advisory Committee for Policy Making and Regional Cooperation Problem Solving
- Chairman, Working Committee of Human Resource Development Centre for Indochina, National Security Council
- Sub-committee, Labour and Social Welfare Development Planning (in Labour and Social Information System Planning), Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
- Sub-committee, Labour and Social Welfare Development Planning (in Increasing Opportunities of Employment), Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
- Member, Advisory Sub-committee for Education Development Planning in Long term, Office of the National Education Commission
- Pollwatch Committee, March 1992 Election
- Pollwatch Committee and Pollwatch Spokeman, September 13, 1992 Election

- Vision Conference for Ministry of Interior (1993)
- Project to Study Manpower Requirement in Environmental Area for Department of Environment Quality Promotion (1993)
- Project on “Climate Survey” and Vision Conference for Tourism Authority of Thailand (1994)
- Vision and Strategies for Design 103 (1994)
- Project on “Human Resource Development Planning” for Social Security Office (1995)
- Project to Study and Make Salary Structure for Social Security Office (1995)
- Project on “Reengineering” for The Expressway and Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (1995)
- TN-NIXDORF computers workflow program (1996)
- High Level Training on quality and privatization for the senior officials Telephone Organization of Thailand (1996)

- Case Studies on Labor Relation at The Level of The Enterprise in Asia: Siam Cement Company, with Vanee Choikiatkul
- Labour Relations at The Level of The Enterprise in Thailand, with Associates, submitted to Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Human Resources Institute, Thamasat University
- A Feasibility of Reducing The Population Growth Rate of Thailand to 1.5% per Annum By The End of The fifth Five-Year Plan: An Analysis of Contraceptive Markets and Supply, submitted to National Economic and Social Development Board, 1980
- Demand for Alcoholic Beverages in Thailand, with Delehanty and Hunchangsith, Research Report Series No.25, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University (in Thai), 1980
- Agricultural Organization in Thai Village: A Survey, with Praipol Kumsup, Thai Khadi Research Institute, Thammasat University, November 1981
- Comparative Assessment of Strategies and Programmes Rising Productivity of Poor, submitted to Asian Pacific Development Center, April 1984
- Land Tenure Security, Rural Credit and Farm Productivity in Thailand, submitted to World Bank, May 1985 (with Gershon Feder)*
- Employment and unemployment in Thailand: The Current Situation and The Projection, with Chesada Lohaunchit, sunmitted to USAID, August 1984
- Different Ways to Measure Minimum Wage and Their Impact in Thailand, with Associates, submitted to Friedrich Ebert Sitfiung, July 1985 (in Thai)
- Supply for Alcoholic Beverages in Thailand with Hunchangsith, Research Report no.51, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, January 1985 (in Thai)
- Evaluation of Family Planning Programs by Labour Department in Sri Lanka, with Lionel Demery, submitted to International Labour Organization, November 1985
- Employment Effects of Investment, with Pradit Charsombat and Watana Isarangkura, Paper prepared for USAID, September 1984
- Work System and Feasibility Study of Reducing Work Time from 8 hours to 7 hours by not Reducing of Thailand, with Associates, submitted to Business Organization of Teachers Council in Thailand, 1984 (in Thai)
- The Impact of Thailand Reforestation Program on Child Mortality and Fertility, with Associates, submitted to Thai University Research Associations 1984
- Urban Food Market in Thailand, with Associates submitted to International Development Research Center, September 1985
- Public Sector Employment, with Associates, submitted to Asian Employment Program, International Labour Organization, 1986
- Tourism Industry of Thailand, with Associates, submitted to Tourism Authority of Thailand, 1986
- Increasing The Absorptive Capacity of The Urban Economy: A Case of Bangkok, with Watana Isarankura, submitted to UNCRD, 1989
- Needs Assessment of Manpower for Natural Resources and Environment under MANRES project, submitted to USAID, 1989
- The Unions of Public Enterprises in Thailand, submitted to Asia-American Free Labour Institute (AAFLI), 1991 (in Thai)

*The Best Research Award from American Agriculture Association

- Thammasat University
- Chaingmai University
- Kasetsart University
- Songkla Nakarin University
- Assumption University
- National Defense College (5 years)
- Hong Kong University
- National Institute of Development Administration
- Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
- University of Washington Seattle, U.S.A.
- University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

- Presenter of Monthly Television Program on Channel 11 on “Toward the 21st century” 1993-present
- Presenter of documentary program on Channel 11 on “People First” 1995-present
- Columnist in Bangkok Post 1994-1995
- Columnist in Naew Na 2002-Present
- Columnist in Recruit Update 2003-Present

HR Champion