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Current seminars
Jan, 23, 2019
Seminar: BMR Market
BMR Housing Markets Outlook + Location Analysis Mid of Year 2018, presented by AREA
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Feb 21
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Feb 22
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Feb, 28, 2019
Seminar: Top locations
An in-depth analysis of the top location in the BMR from the past 5-10 years land price change.
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Nov 3
Seminar: Investment Strategy
Build your brand to increase real estate investment opportunities abroad
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March 1
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Past seminars
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Seminar: Sell abroad
How to Sell Thai Properties Abroad? Expanding your target consumers internationally.
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Seminar: lease agreement2
Write a lease agreement based on the new Rental Business Contract Regulations 2018
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Seminar: Community mall
An analysis and recommendation on the failure of community mall developments in Thailand.
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Seminar: BMR Investment
Explore the best and the worst investment location in BMR, 2018
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Expo: TBEX 2018
Thailand Property Best Buy Expo 2018! Best offer for investors all over Thailand.
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Talk: Credit control measure
Discuss an impact of an upcoming credit control measure
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Property Bubbles: The Start of An End
Presenting in Thai with Simultaneous Translation
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