Dr. Richard Ward
International CAMA Expert Toledo, Ohio, USA

Dr. Richard has worked in property tax assessment, specializing in computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA), since 1976. After serving as Ramsey County Assessor in St. Paul, Minnesota, he worked on three other mass appraisal projects in the United States. He is a Senior Instructor for the International Association of Assessing Officers and also teaches for the International Property Tax Institute and the Thai Appraisal Foundation and Thai Real Estate Business School. He has a contagious enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and thirty years experience in CAMA.

Dr. Ward has developed and taught CAMA courses since 1984 in the United States, Canada, Russia, Lithuania, Brazil, South Africa, and Thailand. He worked on tax reform projects demonstrating the use of CAMA techniques for property valuation in Russia, Moldova, Poland, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, sponsored by the World Bank and US-AID. He was the Revaluation Project Advisor for Cape Town, South Africa since 2000, CAMA Consultant for the Lucas County Auditor in Toledo, Ohio since 1993, CAMA Consultant for Prince Edward Island, Canada since 2004, and currently serves as Project Advisor and CAMA Consultant for eValuations and Data World of Durban, South Africa where he is working on revaluations in eThekwini (Durban) and Nelson Mandela Municipalities.

His publications include: "Developing Location Effects Using Cluster Analysis with Response Surface Analysis," "Piecing Together Location: Illustrated by Three Studies by the Lucas County R&D Section," with Guilford, Junes, Pratt, and German, "Demonstration of Computer-Assisted Mass Appraisal: Three Pilot Studies," "Demonstration of CAMA in South Africa." "Improving CAMA Models Using Geographic Information Systems/Response Surface Analysis Location Factors," with Weaver and German, "Apartment Valuation Model Development." A Comparison of Feedback and Multivariate Nonlinear Regression Analysis in Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal" with Lorraine Steiner, and "A Computer Database for Babylonian Economic Documents" with Renee Holoien. In addition, Dick has made numerous presentations at conferences in the United States, Canada, and South Africa over the last thirty years. Dr. Richard Ward International CAMA Expert Toledo, Ohio, USA