Prof. H.D. Kammeier
Bangkok International Research and Consulting in Urban and Regional Planning, Infrastructure and Environmental Management Visiting Professor, Technical University of Berlin (TUB), and Brandenburg Technical University (BTU), Cottbus, Germany.

Professor Kammeier has urban and regional planning at the AIT, Bangkok, for 25 years until his official retirement in 2000. Born in Germany in 1940, Professor Kammeier has a background in architecture and urban planning, with research and practical experience in Germany and Switzerland. He has been in Asia since 1972 and has conducted research and advisory work in many Asian and a few African countries, consulting for several UN agencies, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and several bilateral agencies.

His areas of specialization include a wide range of interests and experience, always bridging theoretical and practical aspects of the planning, housing and environmental management field. Examples of his professional in terest and published work include: computer applications in planning as part of planning methodology such as for shopping centres, urban and rural in frastucture planning and management, as well as decentralization and local governance. His work has included academic teaching and research, conducting short courses for mid-career professionals, conulting, and publishing (articles in international journals, edited books, book chapters and research reports, and Internet-based papers).